Client Acknowledgment

“Organizationally, my sponsorship of the (TMG Leadership Development) program and the subsequent Executive Coaching allowed me to establish a lot of credibility with the Directors – I not only said that I was committed to their success, but I followed it up with action. This sent a strong message that I was interested in each individual – and, it took the threat off of the table about opening up to me and other management, because they could talk to ‘outsiders’ freely about things they couldn’t talk to their bosses/peers about.”
Joe Baker, V.P. of Product Marketing for Bell Canada

“I am a big fan of Executive Coaching and have been using Dan (McNeill) as my coach for 7+ years now. I know that coaching helps me think through my goals more thoroughly and it is a tremendous tool in helping me meet my ultimate goals – both personally and professionally.
Carl J. Wiese, V.P. US/Canada Advanced Technologies Sales, Cisco Systems on TMG’s Executive Coaching Program

I progressed through three promotions in three years while being coached by The McNeill Group. Each position provided new work/life challenges; from supporting 16,000 people and a $6 billion revenue stream as a Staff Director for a high-tech company, to Area Sales VP for New England, and then to Region Sales VP for the East. Executive coaching helped me stay focused and improved my leadership skills tremendously while delivering the results the companies I worked for were expecting.”
Executive from a North American Region Sales Operations, Fortune 500 Company

I was mentored in hiring and coaching by some of the best talent in the industry, which resulted in a 5-fold increase in revenue for one region of a former employer. During this exciting time, I relocated back to my home state of Massachusetts, gave birth to my son, and started my own company. My work/life balance has never been better. I attribute the skills I use every day to keep my life in balance to the coaching I have received from The McNeill Group.
Executive from a North American Region Sales Operations, Fortune 500 Company

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