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TMG’s “Quantum Leap Results” Technology Put to the Test

The sales manager of a multibillion dollar company had the daunting task of leading his team in doubling their annual sales within two years – from $25 million to $50 million. At the time, the sales manager confided to us that no one, including himself, thought that they could possibly accomplish this goal.

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TMG Partners with Avaya for Nothing Less Than Complete Success

The senior leadership of Avaya Technical Services division challenged Alva Brown, its Vice President of U.S. Services, to develop and implement a strategy to lead a team of vested individuals in the process of redesigning service and call centers, processes, systems and teams within a very restricted budget for a 2,000+ global staff.

In short, they were looking for Mr. Brown to reorganize the global services organization and maximize efficiencies of cost and customer service.

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No Mountain High Enough to Stop TMG Results-Oriented Technology

There was a growing chasm between the company SP’s technology decision-makers and the sales team’s leadership. The problem was further complicated by decreasing sales and the prospect of missing quota for the year. The sales team’s leaders had varying perspectives about the salvage-ability of the account, and no one on the sales team thought they had a chance to make quota in any of the three measurable categories their company tracked.

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Results Happen — and Then Some

Joanne Taylor, the branch manager, was honored for “Outstanding Sales Management” at IBM’s National Sales Meeting AND the highest honor, the “Golden Circle” award.

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TMG, Tear Down These Walls

“Joe” was the Regional Vice President of Sales and Service for a large communications company. He knew that he had very good leadership skills, and he was committed to using these skills in larger spheres of influence, both with his company and in the community.

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