Below are links to more information about Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation and other TMG relevant topics.

Job Benchmarking
Let the Job Talk to Create a Solid Foundation for Development & Selection
Source: Target Training International, Ltd.

Dysfunction in the Workplace
How Awareness and Communication Improve Team Dynamics
Source: Target Training International, Ltd., People Energizing People

Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices
Current Trends and Future Possibilities 2008-2018
Source: American Management Association

“The Top 22 Best Practices for Talent Management”
#1 – COACHING: Formal or Well-established Coaching Programs
Based on two years of research and analysis of approximately one million data elements, we’ve found that these 22 talent management processes drive highest business impact. Use this list as a priority list to guide your talent management strategy.

Source: Bersin & Associates Study
What an Executive Coach Can Do for You
by Paul Michelman, Harvard Business School
Do you need an executive coach? Do your managers? Here is a useful framework for thinking about the role of coaching, from Harvard Management Update.

Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching
by Vikki G. Brock
Dissertation on Coaching which includes several references to Dan McNeill, CEO of The McNeill Group.

Involving coaches in leadership development programs
by Bill Bennett and Dan McNeill
Setting the Stage for Leadership Success, A coach approach to talent management

by Rosanne Scriffignano, ACC
ADP, featured in the following article taken from Choice Magazine, is a client of The McNeill Group
“Developing next generation leaders requires looking at leadership development in new and creative ways.”
Source: Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

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