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Our success is wholly dependent upon the success of our clients.


The McNeill Group - The Quantum Leader Your Success is Our Business

Since our battery of assessments have demonstrated a 73% positive correlation with hiring sales candidates that produce consistent, successful results, I won’t hire a salesperson who doesn’t fall into that profile. Precise job benchmarking results in job specific behaviors, motivators, and soft skill competencies as a part of the hiring process and assures successful matches between candidates and job requirements, thus improving hiring decisions significantly.
- Dan McNeill, CEO, The McNeill Group

The McNeill Group Associates are experts at job benchmarking for successful talent hiring and retention.

Human Resource Executives are increasingly realizing the untapped value of using assessments for the benchmarking of job positions so that top talent can consistently be acquired during the hiring process. Prior to the development of such modern day internet-based tools, talent selection had often been based almost solely on determining if a candidate's education and experience (via resumes, references and interviews) met the open job requisition requirements. The new school of thought champions HR Executives' efforts in hiring the RIGHT qualified candidate. This new school of thought incorporates the use of job benchmarks and assessments to pinpoint candidate attributes (behavioral tendencies, motivators and other soft skills) that are very important in determining if the candidate is a good fit for the job AND for the organizational culture.

The McNeill Group has successfully partnered with HR Executives in large organizations over the past 15 years to increase employee effectiveness, often utilizing Executive Coaching, Talent Management and other TMG proprietary programs. Additionally, qualified TMG Associates are trained to work with HR and other department directors to glean important attributes specific to the success of an individual job – job benchmarking. Our experience in this area has proven that using assessments to benchmark jobs is an extremely important step in developing a hiring system that maximizes each new hire’s success and longevity in a position. Using “hard skill™” information (key job requirements) alone to make hiring decisions deprives hiring decision makers of significant emotional intelligence information about the job and the candidate.

It is TMG’s contention that once the hiring team combines the professional screening of an applicant’s hard skills with job benchmarking and assessments, the result will be increased job performance and satisfaction, less turnover and overall decreased hiring costs.

Click Here to read the article “Job Benchmarking: Let the Job Talk to Create a Solid Foundation for Development & Selection” to discover the specific steps taken in the job benchmarking process.

We invite you to use the expertise and experience of TMG Associates to investigate the advantages of using job profiling to make the best selections from among your finalist candidates.
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The McNeill Group consistently provides clients with tangible results by achieving and exceeding measurable goals. Having been in business for over 15 years, we know that our success is wholly dependent upon the success of our clients.

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Many of our clients are challenged by the process of attracting and retaining the talent they need to have their businesses prosper. The cost of mistakes is high: in productivity lost and, later, in the costs incurred to replace and train replacements for those who did not succeed. You literally cannot afford to hire the wrong people.

Another business dilemma is addressed in the recent book, “When Growth Stalls”. Click here for a summary of how to leverage a business plateau into a fresh look at your business.

Bill Bennett,
Chief Operations Officer
The McNeill Group

TMG Executive Coach Spotlight

Michael Ehling is an executive coach who works with leaders for whom business-as-usual is simply no longer acceptable. Mike applies a balance of practical business know-how with deeper insights from many disciplines. Clients appreciate his ability to quickly understand them personally, as well as their business challenges, and his ability to help them put insights to immediate, practical use. Mike holds a B. S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and spent 12 years in enterprise-scale software consulting, sales, and marketing. He is a graduate of the corporate coaching program at Coach Inc. and has been coaching since 1999. He is a certified expert in the use of several business and leadership assessment tools. Mike is a frequent teacher, speaker, writer, reader, and singer.