Our Approach

Our coaching relationships begin with the Executive Coach and the client participating in a 4-step coaching model.

The work of The McNeill Group is accomplished through the partnership(s) that we create with senior executives and managers who want their organizations to be, or continue to be, at the leading edge of their industry.

Our work introduces new ways of thinking that lead to a true transformation in the culture of organizations. This transformation process is firmly rooted in the organization’s need to produce, achieve and surpass financial goals, and those goals related to customer and employee satisfaction. We are proven experts in having our clients see beyond what they currently see is possible.

At the very heart of our work is a profound inquiry into what is possible in the area of producing results that contribute to the organization as an enterprise and to the individuals who are the life force behind the success (or failure) of that enterprise. Fluidity and flexibility is built into the design of our programs so that every situation is specific to what is needed for the desired outcome for the individual and/or the team.

Initial approach:

Step 1 – A series of assessments to have you and your coach learn more about your values and your behavioral tendencies to discover your level of accomplishment in the area of soft skills. Also, completing the assessments gives you first-hand knowledge of assessment application, which can be used by you and/or your team to enhance leadership skills.

Step 2 – A one day training led by two TMG coaches to introduce you to the distinctions of TMG’s proprietary technology for personal and organizational transformation, including TMG’s technology for producing Quantum Leap results. This session also includes you and your coach aligning on your intended outcomes in each of the domains of your life (e.g. work, personal).

Step 3 – Three one-hour coaching calls per month for one year. At the end of the first three months, you have a choice of continuing for the balance of the year, or discontinuing if you don’t believe that you are getting value. (This has happened only one time in 17 years.)

Step 4 – After experiencing personally the value of TMG’s proprietary technology for transformation and for producing Quantum Leap results, you may choose to take this technology to your team/organization through TMG’s “Masterful Management: Paradigm Design” program.

Click here to see specifics of our partnerships with clients who have, in partnership with The McNeill Group, gone from “What if” to “What is”.


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