Values Are Core

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The insights you can gain from focusing on values underpins the internal motivation or drivers for living a deeply satisfying life: a life worth living and a life in which one feels alive. An exploration into your values provides you with key answers around:

1)   My life’s priorities- “What drives my Life? What matters?”

2)   Energizing or re-vitalizing my life- “What creates Energy? What generates a sense of Aliveness?”

3)   Honoring my True Work- “What supports my Purpose?”

Once you have discovered these answers, you possess the pillars for increasing your performance potential and for progressing toward your aspirations, for fostering your authentic expression, and for finding meaningfulness and fulfillment in the various arenas of your life.

Values are our internal drivers of behavior. Values are what is underneath our choices/ priorities. When we are in a healthy state, it is our values which are instrumental in how we make decisions and in how we form relationships with others. We can call values the “why” of our behavior. When an action or activity is aligned with what we hold as important or core, our internal motivation naturally arises and we are moved to action. Contrarily, when we are stuck and out of action, it is often because we are not clear how the action or decision aligns to our values and we lack the motivation to act. We readily choose to connect, to be influenced, to engage, to perform and be our best self when doing so is an authentic expression of one or more of our core values.

Another definition of values is that which energizes us or that which generates energy. Values directly point to where we will put our energy and where we will experience a boost of energy or aliveness. In other words, when our actions/ choices support our values we feel alive. Not only do we have more available energy to accomplish tasks and initiatives, we feel more alive while accomplishing. Some call this being passionate or being on fire. For others, it is following one’s bliss and experiencing the energy of deep satisfaction.


Values can also put your True Work in the spotlight. Values point to what has our life be “a life worth living.” This sense comes from feeling we are “on track” or we are “being on purpose.”  When we have aligned our life according to our unique hierarchy of values, we feel congruent with our incarnation and purpose. It is being true to our values that supports us in expressing/ embodying our True Work.

Request taking a values instrument through your Executive Coach. Utilize the report as a springboard for coaching conversations on your values. Take a deeper look at who you really are and how to more fully express your authentic self.

Fehrunnisa Moore, Executive Coach with The McNeill Group, lives in the Silicon Valley area, California.

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