Who We Are

The McNeill Group comprises experienced and award-winning Executive Coaches who partner with organizations to initiate positive change and generate extraordinary results for senior executives, managers, their teams and their shareholders.

Our services include a range of offerings from one-on-one Executive Coaching to large Leadership Development initiatives. To see a list of our services, click here.


The McNeill Group programs examine essential components of corporate life. They address issues that have become essential in competing in today’s ever-changing corporate environment, including:

  • Managing from vision.
  • Mastering the design and communication of unprecedented results – allowing new possibilities for the future.
  • Using change and chaos as opportunities – the ability to turn resistance into the dynamic forces essential to success.
  • Staying grounded in integrity, authentic communication and accountability for your personal power to create outcomes.
  • Thinking beyond the limitation of a linear, cause-and-effect culture.
  • Inventing you as a true global leader.

Ultimately, your partnership with The McNeill Group will open new possibilities – a way of thinking and relating to challenges that shifts from an intellectual understanding to a new way of being.

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